Hey there!
So that’s it, my very first post to the world. o O (Dear Very First Post, I hope you will do well in this universe.)

My name is Alice, alias Pirate Cat.
As far as paper sheets can remember, it seems I have always been drawing. Here and there. Now and then. To me, it has always been something as natural as talking or breathing. One of these things you do without really noticing. Thus, I never thought much of my drawings… Until now.

The ambition at the tip of my brush, I aim at becoming a real and better artist. A traveling one. I always loved travel art books, the fast sketches that can capture an instant, a smile, a landscape, a short story. The idea of a blog was haunting my thoughts since a year or two, like a little ghost saying “do it, do it, do it”. Since I am about to go off for a big trip, I thought, “that’s the moment!”, and here we are : )

After few weeks, the website is finaly up and running, so, see you later for the next post with its  very first drawing! I hope you will enjoy my adventures.