I discovered two treasures today: redwood trees, and possibly the best sushi restaurant I have even been to in my whole life.

I call them Fire Gods, but they are so much more than just that. Redwood trees are truly a wonder of nature! They are taller than the Statue of Liberty, and they can grow that high in only 20 years! They can live almost forever, we saw trees from 20 years old to maybe 2500 years old! If they catch fire, only the inside of the trunk will burn, because the bark is made of fibers which are fire retardant. The tree then transforms itself in a giant hollow chimney, where only the outside stays… and it continues growing like this! In fact, the growth of their seeds itself is only triggered by extreme conditions, like… being set on fire! If you cut a redwood, it may grow back from its bark or its roots. Up there, an entire ecosystem exists, with dirt, plants, earthworms, insects, birds, flying squirrels and salamanders.

It is impossible to picture the size of these gigantic forests where the trees heavily regulate the climate. They generate a fog that hides the sun, provide humidity, and lowers the overall temperature of the woods

We decided to buy National Park Passports, just for fun. Turns out this year is the 50 years of the Redwoods National Park. Thanks to parks like this, the remaining 5% of the original population of trees that survived the loggers, remains safe and protected.








About the sushi restaurant, I STRONGLY recommend you the Sushi Spot of Arcata close to the Central Plaza. Go there, order some gyoza, 2 or 3 sushi rolls and a glass of plum sake. You are not going to be disappointed!

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  1. — nice posts both yesterday and today ! — I would love to se the Redwoods !!!

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