Hey! Today we went up an active volcano!
We drove a lot, and managed to reach Lassen Volcanic National Park, 4 hours before nightfall. One hour went into this drawing, sitting at the bottom of the volcano (Mount Lassen), in front of the Summit Lake.

This place is awesome. The names of some areas are just killer marketing: Chaos Crags, Chaos Jungle, Devastated Area, Bumpass Hell, Devils Kitchen… Going up the volcano is like flying through a galaxy and have a sneak peek at many different planets. Each turn of the road offers a view on a totally different landscape. The scale of the landscapes, here again, is impossible to picture unless you experience it.

Even if there is snow on the top, you know you are definitely walking on lava when you see the dirt taking strange colors due to the presence of Sulphur and mud boiling violently here and there. The last eruption was in 1917.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Feet On Lava”

  1. – glad it didn’t erupt when you were there !! – still very enjoyable to follow your adventure and see your nice drawings !!!

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