We left the little town of Torrey to go to our new destination: Moab.
Driving through Capitol Reef from Torrey in direction of Hanksville is AMAZING.
After the sign marking the end of the National Park, the landscape changes radically, and all of a sudden, you are driving on the moon!!! For kilometers! Forget everything you think you know about planet Earth, when you take that road, even if you feel on another world, instead it is simply, truly and deeply, Earth. Like you never saw it before.

Once arrived at Hanksville, we were going for another terrible sandwich at the gas station.
Luckily, the tenant had had the good idea to write ‘Back Soon’ on the door. That is how we discovered an amazing restaurant on the other side of the street. Duke’s Slickrock Grill. Really, the food there is more than delicious! I highly recommend it!
One weird thing we noticed though. Hanksville is a town lost in a vast desert, and is full of… boats?!? We didn’t see any water…

Passing Moab, we continue in direction of Canyonlands National Park, and discover one the three parts it is divided into: Island In The Sky.
Gigantic islands are suspended kilometers above the ground, on massive rock masses. Kilometers above the ground, and above kilometers deep holes in the floor. These islands in the sky provide shelters to plants, insects and animals. The scale of it all is absolutely impossible to comprehend for the human brain.

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  1. – well, it still is very interessant to follow your adventure indeed ! – Thanks for sharing !

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