Microsoft Surface Pro 5 — SketchBook — 8/01/2019

Oh wow! Another salamander! Who would have guessed? I hereby present you the first real tablet drawing I made with my Surface Pro.

I know, I know, everybody these days buys an iPad and iCreate.
But that’s already the setting I had back in 2010 on my iPad first generation. So when I started this blog, I fell in love with this super portable little tablet computer, which has a USB plug, and all the advantages of a computer (like having Photoshop and Illustrator!).

Hrem. It took me a while to start drawing on it, and I have not yet tried the Adobe Suite. I wanted to see if I could enjoy lighter softwares, made specifically for tablet users. So this first Salamander was made on SketchBook, a free software by Autodesk! The result is a bit odd, but I like it 🙂 !

About the software itself, at least on my Surface Pro 5, it is very glitchy. But it’s also quite complete, which is why I often go back to it.