Hey! Today we woke up a bit early to climb up a trail to The Delicate Arch, in Arches National Park. It was lovely to do it at the morning, so we could start when it was still a bit fresh, around 30°C. My traveling buddy joined me on this one, drawing in the comfortable morning shadows of the big rocks facing the Delicate Arch. So, here you go, you can see our two different takes on it!

By the time we got down the trail, ate a sandwich on site and went to see some petroglyphs, the temperature had reached 40°C. We retreated to our hotel for the afternoon to avoid melting horribly, thus we only saw 6 or 8 arches out of the 2000 present in the park… Oh well!

Oh! One more thing. If you are planing on hiking this trail in summer, PLEASE take water with you! We saw way too many tourists going up there without a single drop on them, it was sad to witness and dangerous. We were very grateful to have our 1.4 liter of water per person, and our energy bars to revitalize ourselves half way!